Carlos M. Cámara


Web Development & Consulting

What I do, in general

  1. Develop software, websites, and web apps

  2. Help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your web project

What I do, In Detail

  • Web Development:

    • I turn your projects and ideas into web applications
    • I check your website and help you improve it
    • I help you managing your server
  • Server Management: 

    • I keep your site save
    • I manage your backups
    • I improve your server performance
  • Joomla!:

    • I develop and customize extensions
    • I integrate Joomla! with other systems
    • I improve the performance of your Joomla! site and I make it more appealing to search engines
    • I teach Joomla! at every level, I love speaking about Joomla! !!

Tell me what you need

People I use to work with

Joomla! Design Studios

    Joomla! Design Studios 

Based in the USA and with the leadership of Daniel Baron, JDS is always working in big and interesting projects which I love to collaborate with. His designs are really eye-catching and his work quality is remarkable.

Go to Joomla! Design Studios site


JEvents is one of the older Joomla! extensions. When I discovered it, I liked it so much that I started to collaborate with its lead developer. It's possibly the most powerful events management application available to install on your website and it's really amazing to be part of their team.

Go to JEvents site

ACV MultimediaACV Multimedia

ACV Multimedia is based in Euskadi and in their work stays best of web design and web development. Among their Portfolio they show amazing projects in which you can feel the great quality of their work. It's a real luxury to work with them!

Go to ACV Multimedia site

What I speak about

You may find all the slides I use in my sessions at my SlideShare account:

What am I on

Besides my developments for JEvents, in my free time I develop Joomla! extensions that cover some needs. You may find some at Github:

Where can we meet

My next event will be JandBeyond at the end of May. I'm also speaking there about how create a conference site with Joomla.